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Ali Smith

Recruitment Services Manager; People Strategist & Client Experience Manager

Ali started her work life as an educator in Scotland and was quickly swept into the Expat world where she spent many years working in a variety of teaching roles in various countries. Joining Synergy in 2014 was Ali’s first foray into the Recruitment world. Having spent years listening to and helping young people learn and grow, recruiting comes naturally to her as she has built a strong intuitive sense when it comes to understanding people. She has a passion for finding the right ‘fit’ and enjoys keeping in touch with new hires as they become integral and valued team members in our clients’ businesses.

Ali is also Synergy’s Senior Workplace Harassment Investigator utilizing her listening and questioning skills to provide support for our clients and conduct investigations as needed.

In 2018 Ali took on the Recruitment Services Manager role and works closely with our recruitment team to continually improve processes in order to better serve our clients. As a member of the leadership team, Ali is excited to be part of Synergy‘s growth and development, she is inspired by our dedicated and innovative team and takes immense pride in our business.

Ali Smith
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