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Christabel Khumalo

Recruitment & Training

“Service is and will always be the social fabric that binds us together.”

Christabel is a Business Consultant with a diverse entrepreneurial background which allows her to effectively provide quality staffing services while providing cost effective client focused solutions. Her Commerce education in Financial Services and MBA in Global Leadership enables her to help clients grow. Christabel’s people-centered approach allows her to solve HR needs with an attention to detail, strong emotional intelligence, an inclusive approach, and a positive mindset. Having served clients’ recruitment and HR needs throughout Canada, Christabel’s methods are built on the premise that exceptional service delivery is essential to creating value for clients.

She is a life-learner and community advocate living in Beaumont (Alberta). When she is not busy helping businesses grow, you will find her behind her Nikon camera lens and travelling the world with her husband and two young daughters.

Christabel Khumalo
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