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  • Jordan Strate

5 Ways Surveys Help Your Business

Updated: Feb 14

While surveys certainly help HR teams know where to focus their efforts, the effects of engagement surveys can be felt at every level of the business. Everyone wins when companies engage in managing the employee experience more enjoyable by investing time in collecting, reflecting, and refining based on feedback. Below, we’ll highlight some of the reasons why you should consider conducting a survey if you haven’t already

I. They help identify areas of opportunity and in need of improvement

This may seem like I’m stating the obvious here but I can’t stress the importance of collecting, reflecting and acting on feedback. It’s the duty of good management to commit themselves proactively. The advantages are truly too numerous to list but above all they help with retention & recruitment by helping management create and maintain an attractive and stable work environment

II. They help engage a healthy dialogue with your employees

Employees that feel engaged are the lifeblood of any successful organization. Surveys empower individuals with a few simple questions, this helps to create a sense of ownership and belonging within your business. When people feel their voices are heard, they’re more committed, it’s that simple

III. They are a pillar of data-driven decision making

Informed decision-making hinges on solid data. Employee satisfaction surveys are a way to quantify and qualify certain responses to policies, structures and initiatives. Data-driven insights are helpful in making informed choices and you should always consider taking feedback as a crucial step in all projects

IV. They help hold you accountable

Surveys help make sure your organization is living up to the values it promises to and expects from its employees. Your workers are not the only ones that have standards to uphold and accepting and integrating constructive feedback helps nurture a culture of open communication and transparency

V. They're an important step on your journey to success

The pursuit of excellence is an ongoing journey and in their simplest form surveys embody a commitment to improvement.  Good leaders know that your team is your most valuable asset, that their drive is what keeps the sails taut, and that's why they trust their feedback

Surveys are more than just a formality; they represent an important and proactive commitment to success. By soliciting feedback, you’re taking an important step by helping to foster engagement and allowing yourself to leverage data-driven insights to improve your culture.

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