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  • Jennifer Walchuck

Are you looking to grow your team in 2022?

Here are some things to think about and some of our recruitment top tips:

  • Make sure that you have someone on your team who can commit to managing the recruitment process and ensuring that all applicants have a great experience whether successful or not.

  • Develop a recruitment strategy - essential in a ‘hot’ hiring market.

  • Nail down the job description before advertising - know exactly what you need and the kind of person you want to join your team.

  • Sell the role and your company in the job posting.

  • Respond to strong applicants as soon as possible.

  • If this is a tricky role to fill, undertake some passive searching.

  • Plan your interview process thoroughly - top talent want to take part in great interviews!

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! Keeping everyone up to date with where they are in the process; this sets the stage for a great engagement with the successful candidate.

  • If you interviewed someone that didn’t quite meet the mark, call them to let them know that they were not successful and provide feedback if requested.

  • Do reference checks - speak to previous supervisors or colleagues, a written reference is not sufficient.

  • Once you have found your new team member, make sure they have a really great onboarding experience:

    • have everything ready for their first day including workspace and laptop

    • send out a ‘welcome to the team’ email before they start

    • plan their first few days in detail ensuring they can connect with relevant co-workers and know what is expected of them (there is nothing worse than turning up at a new job and feeling lost!)

    • check in frequently to make sure everything is working out for both sides

If this all sounds overwhelming and you don’t have the resources to make it happen in a timely manner, please call us – we would love to discuss how we can support your recruitment needs for 2022.

To speak with our Recruitment Services Manager Ali Smith, RPR please contact 403 805 1469 or email her at

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