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  • Jennifer Walchuck


Are you setting your valuable new hire up for success?

Your organization has just successfully completed the hiring process and is expecting a new employee to start. Now starts the critical onboarding process. Did you know that 5% of new employees quit immediately after a disastrous first day? Additionally, 20% of employees will leave within the first 45 days of employment (Pellikaan).

If you have thought about making your onboarding process better, you are not alone. According to Brandon Hall’s onboarding survey, 98% of respondents wanted to improve their onboarding process, and more specifically the new hire experience (CK Blog).

So what are some onboarding strategies that some successful organizations use? Some common ones CK Blog mentions are:

  • Start Onboarding before the start date!

  • Make it a personal and create an experience

  • Involve the right people

  • Promote Inclusion and Assimilation

These are only a few methods and even so, they require planning and proper execution. A strong onboarding process can help set a new hire up for success and allow them to be confident in their decision to work at your organization.

At Synergy, we understand that sometimes it is hard to know where to start with a successful onboard. Our team of experts is available to help your organization recruit exceptional talent and onboard them successfully so that they thrive long-term within your business. Turnover costs money and successful onboarding is a key piece in retention.

As hiring begins to ramp up, let us help you take your organization to the next level and be a place that employees want to stay in long term. We look forward to hearing from you!


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