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  • Jennifer Walchuck

Recruiting the Synergy Way

After many years in the recruitment world - recruiting at all levels in many different industries - we’ve managed to work out the kinks. Recruiting the “Synergy” way is all about understanding our client’s needs, their business and where they are heading. Helping our clients build their best team is our top priority. Getting it right will reduce turnover and save time and money, and our focus on long-term partnerships with our clients ensures that we are invested in finding the best possible talent for your team!

Full-Cycle Synergy Recruitment - We do all the heavy lifting for you! Using our tested and successful recruitment process we help you build your best team. Good recruitment requires an investment in time and attention. We focus on understanding your business and your needs to ensure we are producing the best results. We are committed to doing it right the first time and in the process, providing all of your applicants with a great recruitment experience ensuring we (and you) are all held in the highest regard.

The Difference - Because we focus on long-term partnerships with our clients, we are available to provide continuous, after-placement support on an hourly consulting fee basis. So, in addition to great recruitment services, we can provide support that includes leadership coaching, on-boarding/ orientation support as needed and follow up to ensure your new hire is set up for success.

Our Commitment - Many recruiters drop and run, crossing their fingers that their placement is successful. With the ability to provide you with a broad spectrum of HR Support Services we will be there for you after placement. Developing a strong, long-lasting partnership with you is key to our business. By engaging with our Full-Cycle Synergy Recruitment process, you will also receive a 90-day recruitment “guarantee”.

Need recruitment support? If you are struggling with recruitment, especially in this tight market, we are here to help! Ali Smith our Recruitment Service Manager would love to talk to you about how we can support you by putting together a tailored recruitment strategy to suit your needs. Please connect with Ali by phone 403-805-1469 or by email

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