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  • Jennifer Walchuck


Why some companies could weather the storm while others struggled...

The Covid 19 Pandemic was a shock to the world. In order to stay alive, businesses needed to adapt to the changing regulations and environment. While some companies had to close their doors for good, others were able to stay alive. Regardless of the outcome, the Pandemic tested our resilience and provided new learning opportunities for both organizations and leaders. Adaptation and creativity proved vital in order for businesses to keep their doors open. Some of the top methods used by successful organizations to stay alive were:

  • Communicating Transparently with clients

  • Maintaining healthy relationships with contracted parties

  • Managing employees and related optimization

  • Keeping the team engaged

  • Communication to stakeholders

Navigating through the pandemic, it became important for businesses to get creative in keeping professional relationships afloat and employees engaged. Companies had to adapt and turn to their HR teams for support. What roles did HR play? Human Resources has been pivotal in helping organizations navigate through the pandemic. From having to support staffing changes, create new policies, and ensure health and safety, it has been challenging. HR also helped support Leaders in best new practices as they were quickly developed to keep up with the changing dynamics of the world. During the pandemic, HR Teams faced multiple challenges with having to develop policies that were in line with the continuously changing environment. Additionally, the Pandemic also created challenges in abiding by Human Rights legislation. As we continue to move into a Post-Pandemic environment, Human Resources will help organizations formulate business continuity plans in order to navigate through any future uncertainty. HR will also play a key role in ensuring that policies and practices are up to date and in keeping with the changing legislation. Synergy is prepared to help all of our clients navigate this post-pandemic world. If you feel that we can help you review your current policies and procedures to set you up for success and resilience moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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