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Resource Spotlight: Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Updated: May 21

Welcome to our Resource Spotlight! Today, we're excited to share information about the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), a fantastic organization dedicated to promoting mental health and supporting people recovering from mental illness.

What is CMHA?

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a nationwide organization offering programs and resources to help improve mental health. With over 330 community locations, CMHA provides support for individuals facing mental health challenges, making it accessible to many Canadians.

Key Features

  1. BounceBack Program: This free, guided self-help program is designed for people aged 15 and up dealing with mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and stress. It includes workbooks, videos, and telephone coaching.

  2. Peer Support Programs: These programs connect individuals with trained peers who have lived experience with mental health challenges, offering understanding and support.

  3. Educational Resources: CMHA provides a wealth of information on various mental health topics, helping individuals learn more about mental wellness and mental illness.

  4. Workplace Mental Health Programs: Initiatives like "Not Myself Today" aim to create mentally healthy workplaces through training and resources.

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Benefits for Employees

  • Accessibility: With locations across Canada and various online resources, CMHA makes mental health support easy to access.

  • Affordability: Many of CMHA’s programs and resources are free or low-cost, reducing financial barriers to getting help.

  • Comprehensive Support: From self-help tools to peer support and professional guidance, CMHA offers a range of services to meet different needs.

  • Confidentiality: CMHA ensures all interactions are private and secure, allowing employees to seek help comfortably.

Benefits for Employers

  • Enhanced Productivity: Supporting employees' mental health can lead to improved focus, engagement, and productivity.

  • Reduced Absenteeism: Providing mental health resources can decrease the number of sick days taken due to stress or mental health issues.

  • Better Employee Retention: A supportive work environment can increase job satisfaction and loyalty, reducing turnover rates.

  • Positive Workplace Culture: Investing in mental health promotes a caring and inclusive workplace, boosting overall morale.

Coverage Under Health Plans

Many of CMHA’s services, such as the BounceBack program, are offered for free. However, some services might be covered under employee health benefit plans. Employers should check with their health insurance providers to understand the specifics of coverage and ensure their employees can access these valuable resources.

How to Get Started

To start using CMHA’s resources, visit their website. You can explore different programs and find the support that best fits your needs.

  1. Find Your Local CMHA: Use the website to locate a CMHA branch near you.

  2. Explore Programs: Check out the various mental health programs and resources available.

  3. Get Involved: Whether through peer support, self-help tools, or professional programs, start your journey to better mental health.


The Canadian Mental Health Association is a trusted resource for mental health support. With its comprehensive, accessible, and confidential services, CMHA helps individuals manage their mental health effectively. By investing in mental health, you improve your well-being and contribute to a healthier, more productive workplace.

Remember, your mental health matters. Explore the resources offered by CMHA today and take the first step towards a better, healthier you.

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