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  • Jennifer Walchuck

September 30th - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

....what you need to know!

In June of 2021, the Federal Government of Canada passed Bill C-5 to allow for the creation of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to be recognized as a new Statutory Holiday on September 30th. This is a day dedicated to spreading awareness and reflecting upon the tragedies experienced by indigenous people as a result of the actions taken by the country’s former residential school system. Who gets the day off? This is a federal holiday that applies to federally regulated organizations. For federally regulated organizations this day is a paid designated statutory holiday. The intent, much like Remembrance Day, is to allow employees of federally regulated organizations to observe and participate in this day. At this time, only one province, Quebec, has chosen to legally recognize this day as a statutory holiday. Any organization may choose to observe September 30th as a regular statutory holiday. What should your business do? Many organizations are choosing to recognize this holiday as a paid day off, treating it as an additional statutory holiday. As an alternative, many businesses are choosing to recognize and honor the day in their own, appropriate way. In the past, September 30th was known as “Orange Shirt Day” and was a day on which Canadians wear orange shirts to commemorate the Indigenous Children who were taken from their homes and placed in residential schools. Recommendations Although the action you take will be unique to your business and community, we can make the following recommendations that will help your business recognize this new and special Holiday in Canada:

  • Option 1 – remain open and engage in awareness activities (orange shirt day)

  • Option 2 – modified hours and include a special event (fundraiser for indigenous art, education and awareness opportunities, etc.)

  • Option 3 – Close your business and offer a paid day off.

As we continue to navigate through our changing world, Synergy is here to help with the newest updates and creative options for you to ensure that your business continues to move ahead.

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