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  • Jennifer Walchuck

The Struggle is Real!

Why more than half of employers are struggling to find workers...

Is your organization currently looking to fill vacant roles? Have you noticed any changes in the current workforce market? Are you wondering why previously easy-to-fill positions are not getting the number of qualified applicants you are used to?

You are not alone.

Across the board, there has been an ongoing labor shortage in Canada. In a recent report released by BDC, 55 percent of entrepreneurs are having difficulty hiring workers and have been unable to fill jobs for three or four months. Additionally, retention has also been difficult as another 26 percent are having difficulty retaining workers (Siekierska).

What does this mean?

With the changing environment, recruitment and retention strategies will have to continue to adapt. With the shrinking pool of potential workers, surveys show that most employees reported wanting higher wages and more health benefits (Siekierska). Synergy has strong recruitment strategies in place to help find your organization the best talent. Additionally, we can also help you put together a retention strategy to ensure you retain your talent.

Who is affected?

Although the return to regular working capacity amid COVID-19 has been a struggle, data shows that these sectors have the largest number of job vacancies in Canada (Neustaeter):

  • Hospitality and Food Service

  • Health Care

  • Manufacturing and Construction

  • Retail Trade

  • Trucking

Now is the time when strategic planning and an established, positive workplace culture is critical in ensuring you keep your talent. If you or someone you know is feeling the effects of this labor shortage and needs some support or an ear to bounce an idea off of, call us! We can help!


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