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  • Jennifer Walchuck

Why People Hate HR: How Synergy is Different

Many organizations have a love-hate relationship with their HR team. If the truth be told, at Synergy, we hate traditional HR as well!

In an article by Tanu Prabhakar and Rajiv Ranjan (2020), 15 reasons why people hate HR are outlined. These reasons are:

  • Company-centrism

  • Inaccessibility

  • Dispassionate

  • Intimidation

  • Habitual Incompetency

  • Policies over People

  • Stubborn and unrealistic approach

  • Overcomplication

  • No Direct Answers

  • Non-objective and biased

  • Involvement with office politics

  • Erratic Focus

  • Trust Issues

  • Too Much Discipline

  • Stuck in a Rut

You must be thinking, how can Synergy possibly be any different? For starters, we pride ourselves in our identification as the ‘Anti HR’ HR Consultants. Our values as an organization are Value Creation, Partnership & Collaboration, Innovative, and Ownership. Rather than be company-centric, we want to create great workplaces so that work and life do not need balancing. We try to put the employees first while keeping a firm pulse on the strategic objectives of the business.

We are also sincerely passionate about what we do. We take it to heart if something goes wrong because we sincerely want what is best for our clients. We own what we do and all of our consultants take ownership of their work and hold themselves accountable that they are providing the best service to our clients.

Where Prabhaker and Ranjan say that people have trust issues with HR, well we value building trusting partnerships with the leadership within an organization. Our goal is to empower the leaders so they can lead their teams in a way that creates and maintains a great workplace culture.

Finally, at Synergy, we are never stuck in a rut. We are extremely innovative thinkers and now have award nominations behind our name to prove it. We are always trying to think outside the box to find meaningful solutions that are uncomplicated and make sense for our clients’ business. We understand that although there are many different ways to approach HR and ensure labour standards are followed, at Synergy, we try to do things differently in a way that breaks the traditional mold of HR.

Curious to find out more? Give us a shout! We would be happy to chat.


Prabhakar, T. & Ranjan, R. (2020, March 5). 15 Reasons everybody hates hr.

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