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  • Jennifer Walchuck

Your People - Your Business

What...if anything, will you do differently today?

Across the provinces, we see a light at the end of this long dark tunnel. The past 18 months have tested the most resilient of us.

Challenging our businesses and strategies in ways that we never expected. We learned to be agile and reinvent ourselves, create new ways of delivering services, and engage with our employees by using technology platforms that we've never used before. We've had to pivot and learn to be agile, flexible and accommodating.

So here are some questions for you to reflect on over the next week:

How will you help your employees return to the office/work environment?

Some will feel uneasy about returning to "normal" interactions. Will you accommodate those that want to continue to work from home? What do your clients/customers want that is different from your pre-pandemic reality?

Some of our clients LOVE Zoom! We will continue to engage by video conference as much as possible. Slightly better than a phone call...not as good as in person! Are you ready to explore a full remote-office or hybrid work environment

Kudos to you if you are! Making sure the right engagement tools are in place and used is critical. Measuring productivity or moving to an "outcomes" based model is essential. How will my HR Team help me move forward in this new world?

Well...Synergy is changing its game in order to serve you better! In addition to continuing to deliver high quality, professional HR support - we endeavor to use platforms such as our "Your People - Your Business" newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to deliver timely and relevant information to you on a regular basis. Our gift will focus on helping you make sound "people" decisions that have a positive, lasting impact on your business. We are also developing a new website to provide better connectivity. We've been lucky (maybe it is lucky, maybe it is just hard work) we've survived and in some instances thrived over the last 18 months. We've used this time to redesign

and rethink how we engage our clients. Your purpose has become crystal clear - WE BUILD GREAT WORKPLACES - and our clients agree!

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