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  • Jordan Strate

Inclusive Pride Events for your Workplace

Pride Month is a special time to celebrate and support LGBTQ+ people. Hosting inclusive events in the workplace can help everyone feel welcome and valued. Here are some fun and easy ideas for company events and activities during Pride Month.

Employees participating in an Inclusive Pride Event organized by their workplace

1. Decorate the Office

An easy way to show support is by decorating the office with flags, banners, and balloons. This shows that your company supports and values diversity. You can even have a decorating contest to see who can create the most colourful and creative display.

2. Wear Rainbow Colours

Encourage everyone to wear rainbow colours or Pride-themed clothing on certain days. This is a simple way to show support and celebrate together. You could even have a "Best Dressed" competition with prizes!

3. Organize a Pride Parade

If possible, organize a small Pride parade at your workplace. Employees can march around the office or outside, carrying signs and flags to show their support. It’s a fun and lively way to celebrate.

4. Host Educational Workshops

Invite speakers to talk about LGBTQ+ history, rights, and issues. These workshops help everyone learn more and understand the importance of supporting LGBTQ+ people. You can also show documentaries or films about LGBTQ+ stories.

5. Create a Safe Space

Set up a safe space where employees can share their experiences and feelings. This can be a quiet room with comfy chairs and resources like books and pamphlets about LGBTQ+ topics. It shows that your company cares about everyone’s well-being.

6. Plan a Pride Picnic or Potluck

Organize a picnic or potluck lunch where everyone brings a dish to share. You can enjoy good food, music, and games while enjoying the summer weather. Encourage employees to bring dishes that represent their culture to celebrate diversity.

7. Support LGBTQ+ Charities

Host a fundraiser or charity drive for LGBTQ+ organizations. You can collect donations, have a bake sale, or organize a charity run or walk. This is a great way to give back to the community and show your support.

8. Highlight LGBTQ+ Employees

Feature stories and interviews with LGBTQ+ employees in the company newsletter or on your socials. This helps everyone learn more about their colleagues and celebrates their contributions to the company.

9. Offer Pride Month Swag

Give out Pride-themed swag like stickers, buttons, or T-shirts. Employees can wear or display these items to show their support. It’s a fun way to spread Pride spirit around the office.

These are just a few examples of inclusive events so you can make Pride Month a special and meaningful time at your workplace. Celebrating together helps everyone feel valued and supported, creating a happier and more inclusive environment for all.


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